Let’s Cut Straight to the Solution

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Therapy doesn’t have to take forever and involve reliving old traumas again and again.

When you come to see me for psychotherapy, we will not start with your history and exploring your problem.

You want to know how I can help you. I want the same thing. So, we will start by getting to know you and what you want. You most likely want your life to be significantly different than it is and has been, or you wouldn’t be coming for therapy. With my help, you will figure out what that different thing may be. You will then “plug” those differences into your life and “try them on for size.”

Chances are that seeing a different, better life path is what will get the ball rolling in the right direction for you. Once you see your “preferred future,” I will be your therapeutic support helping you get there.

Just ask me about Solution Focused Brief Therapy.


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