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Bring Hope Into Your Life, Despite Feeling Burned Out

You are better than you imagine and more than you hope. Be inspired to live the life you want.

are you experiencing therapist burnout?

Let's Move Toward Your Best Hopes.

Burnout is a state of overwhelm that feels all encompassing. It impacts you both physically and emotionally. It is a kind of mental exhaustion that comes from being under stress for an extended period of time. If burnout is not addressed, it can lead to anxiety.

Since stress has an impact on our physical health, it is important to keep in mind the health dangers of prolonged stress and burnout. Without treatment, burnout can have an impact on all the systems in your body. It can suppress your immune system and upset your digestive system. It can even put you at risk for high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. 

Some symptoms of burnout are:

Not looking forward to your day or dreading seeing clients;
Feeling depleted or exhausted for no good reason;
Seeing your clients in a negative light;
Feeling like you might be dropping the ball professionally and not providing the level of care you are used to providing;
Having difficulty falling or staying asleep;
Feeling like you never have energy;
Experiencing a feeling of emptiness;
Memory issues;
Loss of appetite;
Lack of patience;
Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness;
Find yourself complaining more than usual;
Not feeling satisfied with your work.;
Missing deadlines or work goals;
Feeling like you have no purpose or aren’t making a difference anymore.

Others might notice you are experiencing burnout before you do. They may be concerned and ask you to take some time off. Family and friends may be complaining that you don’t have time for them and seem shut-down.

Burnout is nothing to be ashamed of. You are not alone. Burnout is common among mental health providers. Just because you have mental health training, doesn’t make you into a machine. You need support as much as any other human. Working alone in a private practice can be isolating. It can be stressful being the one in charge of every part of a business. Wearing too many hats all at once can lead to burnout.

Let’s look at your life together and find your own personal work-life balance. You can feel positive and hopeful again.

Long Live Online Therapy!

You can do teletherapy from everywhere - Rachelle Bloksberg, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

For now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, my practice is entirely online. You know what? 

I think online therapy (also known as teletherapy) is great. 

We can do teletherapy together from anywhere in California.

I have been offering online therapy for 3 1/2 years. Before COVID, about one quarter of my clients were out of my area and seeing me online. Now, my entire practice is online. Teletherapy makes therapy more accessible. There are so many benefits for my clients and I. 

For instance, I can work with you from anywhere in California. Teletherapy promotes your independence and saves you time, money, and your precious personal energy.

As a parent, you'll love online therapy. Online therapy doesn’t require a sitter for your kids. Teletherapy is a serious time-saver -- you don't to travel to and from your appointment. Many parents schedule therapy on their lunch hour. You can sit in your private office or in your car and log in on your phone. As a couple, you can even do therapy at lunch from different locations.

Online therapy offers a different kind of privacy than in-person therapy. You can choose a therapist who lives far enough away that you will never bump into each other in your local grocery store. I have worked with lots of clients in Southern California. I live over 8 hours away. I will never meet them in person. I do see my local clients around town. I follow ethics rules and never initiate conversation. They sometimes come up and say hi, though. Some are thankful and continue on without engaging. With distance teletherapy, that awkward moment will not present itself to you.

While teletherapy isn't for everyone, I think it's fantastic. I recommend that you give it a try.

Online therapy can be just as effective as face-to-face sessions in an office setting. Visiting a new place and meeting a new person all at the same time can be overwhelming. It can also be stressful to travel to an unfamiliar location.

Happy woman doing teletherapy - Rachelle Bloksberg, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

That’s okay.

Online therapy does away with all of those things.

With online therapy, you choose your location. Some clients like to be outside during their session. Others choose the privacy of their room. Some prefer the privacy of their car parked in the driveway to be out of earshot of family members. You get to be wherever you’re most comfortable.

Teletherapy eliminates any possible anxiety of anyone finding out you are in therapy. Nobody will know unless you tell them.

Online therapy can help you overcome barriers that previously kept you from seeking help. All you have to do is click a link on your device to get the help you need.

a different kind of therapy.

a different kind of therapist.

Therapy with Me is About You Living the Life You Want.

You probably think therapy is getting advice from your therapist about how to live your life better. And you probably think the process is going to be lengthy and emotionally painful.

I don't practice that kind of therapy.

It would be terribly arrogant for me to think that I know how to live your life better than you do. No one knows that better than you.

In our sessions, we will explore your best hopes for our work together and how you can reach your hopes. We will focus on building the future you want, not spend time re-traumatizing you with difficult things from your past.

I believe that you know how to build your brightest future. By very carefully listening to you, I will be able to ask you the right questions that will lead you to your own answers for your life.

If all of this sounds good to you, then I might be the therapist for you.

Single Session Therapy

Therapy does not need to take a long time. One shift in your thinking can lead you to a significant insight. That insight can change your life. 

One new way of seeing something can change your thinking in other ways. In turn, that new thinking can lead you to other changes.

This virtuous cycle can begin to run on its own. It's almost as though you set up dominoes to be knocked down.

In very little time, you can replace your old problem-creating thinking patterns for new solution-focused thinking.

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