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Therapist Haven

Therapist Support Process Group

Our ongoing community of clinicians is dedicated to growing and improving our professional and personal lives.  We can serve our clients better while personally thriving.

We connect with and support each other on a deep and meaningful personal level.

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What's the Secret to Being the Therapist I Want to Be?

Can I Really Have it All - Happy Family, Fulfilling Career, Lots of Fun and a Fantastic Income?

We have so many unanswered questions.

We have so many doubts.

Am I really helping people? Am I truly qualified to see these clients? I feel like I'm getting burned out already. After all of this time and effort, why am I struggling financially? Did I make a mistake going into this profession? I feel so alone!

I need professional and personal support! I need answers to my questions!

It Takes a Village to Raise a Therapist

You don't have to be isolated, with little to no community. Instead, think about joining us.

Therapist Haven is an online support process group, not a therapy group.

We are professional mental health clinicians participating in our ongoing, supportive process group experience that is encouraging, productive and inspiring. We have an open and flexible format to meet the needs of those on the call. You may bring up any topic that is important to you for personal or professional reasons. 

Our goal is to engage in a process together that is meaningful to our personal and professional development as clinical therapists.

This group is ongoing.

We meet twice a month so that we create relationships that are meaningful, supportive and trusting. Each meeting is 90 minutes. The cost is $100 per meeting.

You'll be speaking with your peers: Professional clinicians.

We discuss real issues involving real clients and real therapists. If you are stuck, confused, frustrated, or whatever, your professional peers will be a huge help.

You will be safe.

Everyone in our group is here to grow both personally and professionally. We treat each other with the utmost respect. Everything we discuss is confidential.

Get Honest, Non-Judgemental, Unbiased Feedback.

Therapist Haven is a safe, accepting and non-judgemental place to process, learn and receive honest and unbiased feedback. Throughout our process we will highlight our hopes, strengths and resources.

What Others Say


I've been in a process group with Rachelle for several years. Unlike other groups I've participated in, I actually learn a lot,  feel comfortable sharing and have grown from working with someone who is genuinely interested in seeing colleagues develop and deepen their skills.

Gracie, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, in New York City


I have found Rachelle Bloksberg's work essential to my development. Through her method of guided conversation, she has helped me grow into the best possible version of myself as a mental health professional.

Cecile, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, in Virginia


I meet online with Rachelle on a regular basis in our process group for over 2 years now. The feedback, support and inspiration I get there help me to do my clinical work on a higher level. I always look forward to my conversations with Rachelle and the other members of our group. They are among my most valued resources and contribute to the fact that I still enjoy my work (I started 39 years ago).

Jo, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, The Netherlands.

Peer support can be key to breaking through challenges.

Having a support process group that will support you while giving you honest feedback can help you improve your skills, increase your confidence and help you work your way through doubts, imposter syndrome and burnout.

this group is ongoing and requires consistency.

Consistency is important to fostering connection and growth. As we know one another longer, we become more comfortable and feel safe sharing things that we might not otherwise share. For this reason, we require every member to make a minimum 3 month commitment to the group.

Being in a group of like-minded peers will help you through challenges and expand your way of seeing things, so you can create strong therapeutic alliances with your clients.

Rachelle Bloksberg

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#119841) in Northern California.

One of the great joys of my life is working with other therapists, particularly in process groups. I get just as much out of these sessions as everyone else in the group, including personal and professional growth and making great friends!

I have a great deal of life experience that gives me a foundation for psychotherapy and coaching. When I was fifteen, I lived the trauma of my mother dying by suicide. I suffered a debilitating brain injury later in my life. I have come through the other side of both of these experiences. After that, I was diagnosed with a serious, chronic illness. While I am still dealing with chronic illness, I live the life I want.

I have been married to the same wonderful man since 1984 and we have raised our two amazing children together. We have also started and run several business together. We moved to Nevada County about 25 years ago to live in the kind of environment we enjoy.

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