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Chronic illness and pain require a different level of self-care.

Chronic illness impacts every aspect of life. It can be very time consuming and exhausting. Chronic illness can get in the way of relationships and having a social life. You can be limited in your career choices. Chronic illness and pain can make small tasks take an inordinate amount of time that others just can’t understand.

Someone may have told you that your chronic illness is caused by depression or anxiety. That is backward. Simply put, pervasive chronic physical illness and pain makes people depressed and anxious. 

Depression and anxiety make sense given how much chronic illness gets in the way of daily life. Unfortunately, depression and anxiety can actually make your chronic pain symptoms much worse. Treating depression and anxiety can help ease the impact of symptoms, no matter if you have a physical diagnosis yet or not. Check your medications to see if depression or anxiety are side effects. If so, talk to your doctor about an alternative treatment. If you are living with a chronic disease, chances are that you have options. You can address your illness and your mental health.

Working with a professional mental health provider who understands chronic illness can make a big difference in your progress. I live with chronic illness and pain. I understand the daily impacts. I will always treat you with kindness and respect. I genuinely care. 

I will not dismiss you, blame you for your illness or tell you things like, “you would be be fine if only you would exercise more, do yoga or lose weight.” I have helped many clients traverse the medical system and gain access to the healthcare they need. Together we can explore your experience to find your own unique solutions. We can focus on what you can do to build a life you will enjoy.

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