November 13

You deserve the life you want: Live the life you want to live.

Woman with a backpack running across the sand and leaping showing that you deserve a good life. The caption reads: you deserve the life you want
You deserve the life you want and to live the life you want to live.

You deserve the life you want.

Being deserving can be a difficult concept to think about. Society teaches that it’s not good to think too highly of yourself. From childhood you have heard about helping others and being gracious, thankful and humble. However, you do deserve to be comfortable, feel good about yourself and have fulfilling relationships among other things. There is a difference between being narcissistic and having your needs met. You don’t have to continue to put yourself down for fear as being seen as selfish. Everyone deserves to have their needs met. This means you too. You can be helpful and giving and still take care of yourself.

Think about it. When you’re not at your best, you can’t provide the same level of care to others as you can when you are rested and feeling good about yourself. Everyone needs to replenish energy on a regular basis to keep going. You deserve a rest. You deserve to experience joy.

When you have your needs met, others will notice that you are more pleasant to be around. They will pick up on your positive energy. Think about all the things that will be different if you are more energized and feel like you are fulfilling a worthwhile purpose.

Denying yourself the life you want.

You have struggled to feel “good enough” or even “enough.” Your achievements may impress others, but they fall flat for you. You don’t think very highly of yourself most of the time. You find yourself disappointed in your achievements and abilities. It is common for you to compare yourself to others. When you think of your place in the world you are not pleased. The thought of improvement crosses your mind from time to time, but you have no idea where to start or what to do.

You put yourself last and often don’t have time for self-care. Since you don’t fill yourself up regularly by taking care of yourself, you often feel empty and low on energy. You’re exhausted from taking care of people and trying to make them happy. You have pushed the possibility that you can live the life you want to live to the back burner. You rarely think you deserve the life you want.

Thinking about yourself like this puts a crimp in your style. It keeps you from trying new things and having what you choose to do. Thoughts of inadequacy bring you down and reduce your self-esteem. Without good self-esteem, it is difficult to move forward and create goals that take you in the direction you decide to go.

As a result, you find yourself in unhealthy relationships where you are constantly walking on eggshells or bending over backwards to make things work. You wonder if you deserve a good life with healthy relationships. You are hard on yourself. This leads to self-doubt, exhaustion, resentment and overwhelm. You feel like you live under a microscope with everyone around you looking for flaws. The critic in your head questions your accomplishments and calls you a fraud. You feel like an unlovable failure who will never you deserve the lifestyle you used to dream about.

You deserve a good life.

You’re visiting this website because you desire change. You wish you could leave your pain in the past and pursue your dreams. You know it would be healthier to move away from stress, anxiety, depression and addiction. You long to let go of shame and guilt. You are looking for a safe place to explore and grow. You think about what it would be like to have healthy relationships. You need a comfortable atmosphere where someone truly listens and understands. You deserve a good life. You deserve the life you want.

You and I can work to make things much, much better. We’ll work on building the life you want. We’ll work on getting you unstuck and on your way to better relationships, more love. Start feeling better about yourself. Find your strengths. We will strive for you to feel comfortable growing and learning. It is within your reach to live the life you want to live.

You can quiet the critic in your head. You deserve the life you want. You are good enough. Start now.

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