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The purpose of therapy is to get you the life you want.

Life has not been a walk in the park for you. You have had struggles and experiences you would have rather skipped. Even when you are motivated and achieve things that others expect of you, the things you thought would lead to happiness, you feel empty. People see a wonderful life on the outside, but you feel sad, lonely and overwhelmed on the inside. And to top it all off, you can’t admit your unhappiness to your family and friends. Instead you pull inward and all they see is an irritated and exhausted person. Your life is falling apart. You don’t know how long you can keep up the facade. You’re tired of living this way.

I’m not the kind of therapist who listens and nods while you cry and pour your heart out. I’m about facilitating the change you want . . . changing your thinking, changing your actions and changing your lifestyle.

Therapy with me is about finding clarity and solutions that work for you, not reliving past disappointments and traumas.

Through our conversations you can:

  • Stop living your life based on your past
  • Overcome emotional pain from past relationships
  • Find your personal strength and self-esteem
  • Deal with stress and anxiety in a healthy way
  • Feel peaceful, content and calm
  • Find the motivation to do what you want to do
  • Have deep, satisfying relationships
  • Stop struggling
  • Overcome your fears

During our time together, we will work on you being able to navigate your everyday life with ease and fulfillment, holding the vision of what you want your life to be, and having the tools to make your vision happen. Psychotherapy can prepare you to live the life you want and the resilience, confidence and determination to follow through.

You owe it to yourself to be who you really are. Therapy can help you begin to live you authentic life.

Individual Online Adult Counseling

Individual therapy can be helpful for a variety of issues. You could need help managing stress and anxiety, or dealing with pain or sleep problems. We will tailor your sessions to your needs and encompass your entire lifestyle. Together we will take into account your life experiences, your physical and mental health, sleep patterns, habits, nutrition, exercise, relationships, and career. We can clarify what you really want. The whole idea is to help you enjoy your life and thrive without holding onto discomfort or negative thoughts. Once you find a new perspective, you can embrace your strengths and build your life on your own. Therapy doesn’t have to last a long, long time.

Couples/Relationship Online Counseling

Stop yelling and crying. Start to redefine your relationship. Listen. Love. Enjoy. Sometimes it takes a third person with a different perspective and compelling questions to get you back to where you want to be in your relationship. You loved each other once. Let’s get that loving relationship back.

Family Counseling/Parenting Online

Be the best parent you can be. Bring your family together to resolve conflict. Say goodbye to bickering and sibling rivalry. With parents who are on the same page, parenting becomes easier. Move your focus from hurt and anger to a more cooperative parenting style and a workable plan where everyone can be a lot more comfortable.

Child/Adolescent Counseling Online

How do you know if your child needs therapy? Perhaps a teacher told you that your child is struggling in school. This may be due to attention or behavior problems or a learning disability. It might be that your child is going through a difficult phase. If you think your child is suffering from depression, anxiety or is having trouble socially, this may be the time to schedule an appointment for some professional help.

Knowing what is going on with kids can be difficult because they often have trouble communicating their feelings. They could need help with situations such as life or family changes, struggles at school, learning problems, divorce, grief, loss of a pet or many other reasons. These problems can show up as behavior problems, isolation and emotional outbursts.

The purpose of child therapy is to help your child express their feelings, increase self-worth, build emotional strength and develop better relationships. If you think therapy might be right for your child, please call to set up your free 10 minute phone consultation to talk about your observations and concerns.

Online Group Therapy/Support Groups/Presentations

Occasionally, I run therapy groups and do presentations on different subjects covering personal development, parenting, addictions and consultation for mental health professionals. Some of these are one time presentations and others are ongoing groups. Contact for more information.

Online Video Therapy/Teletherapy/Telehealth

My entire practice is online and by telephone.

Scheduling Appointments

I see clients on weekdays. Contact me today for your free 15 minute consultation. Let’s find solutions together. Click here to schedule your consultation or give me a call at (530) 263-1413.

Rachelle’s Address and Phone

111 Bank Street, #199
Grass Valley, CA 95945
(530) 263-1413

LMFT #119841

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