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Bring Hope Into Your Teen's Life, Despite

Stress, Fear,

Depression & Anxiety  

You are better than you imagine and more than you hope. Be inspired to live the life you want.

Overcoming TEEN depression,anxiety,stress and fear.

Your Teen Just Does Not Seem to Be Able to Snap Out of It.

Is your teen experiencing a deep, persistent sadness? Have they lost interest in activities they once enjoyed? Do they cry often? Do they have lingering feelings of shame, guilt, hopelessness, worthlessness and anger?

If so, your teen could be suffering from depression. Long-lasting depression can become their normal way of living and be difficult to recognize.

Feeling sad sometimes is normal, but feeling intensely sad for a long period of time is not. If your teen has been suffering from depression for more than two months, and it has interfered with their ability to function in your everyday life, the time has arrived to get help.

By learning to think and feel differently about their life, your teen can feel better and change things dramatically.

Your teen can feel better.


Let's Move Toward Your Teen's Best Hopes.

Anxiety is worrying about the future. Teens have more anxiety than just about anyone, for good reason. Adolescents are in a constant state of change. They undergo many psychological, social, and biological changes before reaching adulthood. Teens are growing into their bodies, lack confidence, and see a scary and turbulent world.

Fear is worrying about what’s happening in your present.

Stress is physical or emotional strain you feel from a demanding situation.

Up to a point, experiencing anxiety, fear and stress is normal and, even, necessary. But too much of these things can make life very, very difficult.

By focusing on their best hopes and how to get there, your teen may be able to break their cycle of anxiety, fear and stress. And they may do that surprisingly quickly.

Online Therapy

Teen girl participating in online therapy.

Online therapy for teens promotes independence.

My practice is entirely online.

I think online therapy (also known as teletherapy or telehealth) is great. 

We can do teletherapy together from anywhere in California.

I started offering online therapy for 3 1/2 years before COVID. About one quarter of my clients were out of my area and seeing me online. Now, my entire practice is online. Teletherapy makes therapy more accessible. There are so many benefits for my clients and I. 

For instance, we can work together from anywhere in California. Teletherapy promotes independence, and saveing you time, money and your precious personal energy.

As a parent of a teen, you'll love online therapy. Online therapy doesn’t require a sitter for your other kids. Teletherapy is a serious time-saver -- you don't to travel to and from your teen's appointment.

Teens really resonate with online therapy. Teens are extremely comfortable with technology.

Online therapy meets them in their element, instead of expecting them to enter an unfamiliar office environment.

Being online gives them anonymity, if they want it. Online therapy is empowering for teens. They don’t need to make appointments around your schedule for transportation. They get to choose where their appointment takes place. I have met with teens while they walk in nature, in their room, in a car in their driveway, and at a friend’s house, so there’s no chance they will be heard or interrupted. Teens have the power to end a session at any moment with just the click of a button if they desire. Knowing they have that freedom is very empowering.

The feeling of empowerment helps teens feel more comfortable talking about sensitive subjects like suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts and self-harming behaviors. 

Teen in baseball cap paarticipating in online therapy.

Online therapy for teens meets them in their element

a different kind of therapy.

a different kind of therapist.

Therapy with Me is About You Living the Life You Want.

You probably think therapy is getting advice from your therapist about how to live your life better. And you probably think the process is going to be lengthy and emotionally painful.

I don't practice that kind of therapy.

It would be terribly arrogant for me to think that I know how to live your teen's life better than your teen does. We will spend time figuring out what they really want for their life. No one knows that better than them.

In our sessions, we will explore your teen's best hopes for our work together and how they can reach their hopes. We will focus on building the future your teen wants, not spend time re-traumatizing them with difficult things from their past.

I believe your teen knows how to build their brightest future. By very carefully listening to them, I will be able to ask your teen the right questions that will lead them to their own answers for their life.

If all of this sounds good to you, then I might be the therapist for your teen.

Therapy does not need to take a long time.

One shift in your teen's thinking can lead to a significant insight. That insight can change their life. 

One new way of seeing something can change your teens thinking in other ways. In turn, that new thinking can lead them to other changes.

This virtuous cycle can begin to run on its own. It's almost as though your teen set up dominoes to be knocked down.

In very little time, your teen can replace their old problem-creating thinking patterns for new solution-focused thinking.

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