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Photo of an Indigenous woman.

Rachelle Bloksberg is a BIPOC affirmative therapist.

You deserve to be affirmed, respected and feel supported. Your therapist should understand how racial identity affects your life and the kinds of things you experience in your daily life. In therapy, you should be free to be your whole self.

In many areas of society, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are underrepresented. The mental health field is no exception. You may have difficulty finding a BIPOC therapist, particularly one who has training and experience in the specialties you need.

A therapist who understands your struggles can help you through the stressors you experience. I have worked with many BIPOC clients. Together we address individualized challenges, the impact of inhospitable environments and cultural issues.

These may include:

  • Discrimination        
  • Constant fear and heightened awareness
  • Covert and overt racism
  • Raising children in a racist environment
  • Verbal threats or physical violence    
  • Fear of retaliation    
  • Emotional impacts    
  • Feelings of isolation, fear, anger, depression, and anxiety

We can explore and work on healing these issues, and more, in a safe and accepting therapeutic environment. Therapy is a place to work on hurt and pain to find empowerment.

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