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Therapy can help you move forward, regain function and feel productive again.

Losing a loved one can be extremely intense and painful. The mixture of shock, sadness and confusion that comes with it can be quite overwhelming. The grief process is a very individual thing. No right or wrong way to grieve exists. 

Everyone goes about grief differently and experiences different stages in different order for different lengths of time. No matter who you lose, whether the loss was sudden or expected, it has an impact on your daily life. You might even be surprised at the depth of your grief for someone you didn’t even know very well. All grief is valid.

Grief is not only connected to death. It can be connected to any large loss. You may feel grief at the loss of a relationship, a divorce or the loss of a job. You can feel grief after any major life change. Feeling grief with the diagnosis of a chronic illness is common. You can experience loss associated with changes in your physical ability and energy levels. You may grieve the loss of your professional identity, your hopes and dreams, or your expectations for your future.

Therapy can help you move forward in your grief. It can help you regain function and feel productive again. I can offer you support with uncontrollable crying, talking about your loss, self-care, intense sadness, difficulties with daily tasks and feelings of hopelessness. When family and friends are telling you the time for grief should be over and are pushing you to move on, I will be there to support you through your individual grieving process. If you have experienced a difficult loss, you do not have to grieve alone. I will support you with kindness and compassion without any judgment.

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