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Changing your mindset and lifestyle makes it easier to create healthy habits.

Weight Loss Therapy is change-oriented. It is intended to help you with whatever is holding you back from losing weight and improving your health. 

Weight loss is about changing your lifestyle, not following a particular diet. It is about getting healthy so you can enjoy your life. When you reach your goal and stay healthy, you will feel better both physically and mentally. Weight loss for health has little to do with willpower, suffering through hunger or keeping up your motivation. It is about personal change.

You are already motivated, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Your next step is finding what works for you. You can be successful with your own, unique custom plan. Once you change your mindset, you will easily make food choices that support your health and your new lifestyle. You will be able to regulate your emotions. You will be able to ride life’s ups and downs of stress, emotions, financial issues, workplace conflict and relationship challenges with confidence. You will be able to believe in yourself and enjoy your life on a whole new level.

Weight Loss Therapy for a healthy lifestyle begins when you shift your mindset to the life you want to experience. I can support you as you build that life one piece at a time. As you begin to change, you will notice a difference in how you interact with the world. When you start to feel better and communicate more clearly, your relationships become more meaningful. You will be able to manage your emotions in a healthy way that fits with the best version of yourself. Better nutrition boosts brain function, so you have more cognitive problem solving power.

You will be able to keep your motivation up without struggling or feeling guilty about cheating and punishing yourself with a new diet. Together, we can create a custom lifestyle so you can live the life you want while making healthy food choices naturally. You will be able to enjoy lasting change that is comfortable and fits with who you are at your best. Your new lifestyle will be about so much more than motivation, willpower, food and exercise. 

Your new lifestyle will be the life you want to live.

You have probably lost weight in the past, so you have an idea of what works for you. Losing weight, while challenging, isn’t the toughest part. The hardest part is changing your mindset. Maintaining weight loss may be your goal, but lifestyle change and how you look at yourself and your health is the key component. 

Many weight loss strategies don’t work. Many weight loss products may help you lose weight, but their results are short lived and they generally do not support your health. Rapid weight loss is not usually sustainable and often unhealthy

Diets and fads that come along are not about helping you get healthy. They are about making  profit. These programs are designed to entice you, not help you heal. These programs rarely address the emotional component to weight loss. As a result, these programs are generally doomed to fail.

Most people who battle with weight loss lose weight for a special occasion and then gain the pounds back, plus some. This kind of dieting makes you feel worse than you did before. It can increase your shame while diminishing your self-esteem and self-worth. Yo-yo dieting has an impact on your mental health. Depression and anxiety are common results.

You already know you are not alone. The need to lose weight is extremely common. According to the CDC, adult obesity in the U.S. is increasing. It has gone up from 30.5% in 2000 to 42.4% in 2018. The percentage of adults with severe obesity climbed from 4.7% to 9.2% in the same time frame. Childhood obesity is also increasing. A lot of factors are at work driving increasing obesity. A lot has to do with the food products that are available.

The food industry is working against you to make a profit at your expense. You can learn how to win. I have helped many clients just like you make changes in their lifestyle and get to a healthy weight naturally. You can be done with temporary weight loss. You simply need a different way of thinking about yourself and food. I support you as you learn what works for you.

What causes us to gain weight?

The basics of weight gain and loss are simple. You already know that if you take in more calories than your body uses for daily activities, your body holds onto it and you gain weight. It’s an obvious fact. However, you can also eat foods with lower calorie density and reverse the process by using up the energy stored in your body.

Things that can get in the way:

• Corporations designing food products so your brain doesn’t know when to stop eating.

• Food products with too much salt, fat and sugar

Misleading advertising

• Processed foods

Confusing product labels

Stress and overwhelm

Weight Loss Treatment

So many weight loss options are available to you.  Companies market their weight loss products so that looking into them can almost be fun. They make a huge effort to sell you hope with what looks like evidence of success. But they are selling you hype, not real success. They have no magic wand. Weight loss takes time and you must be willing to change your lifestyle. Weird machines with magnets, electronic sounds and icky drinks are selling smoke and mirrors. You know the basics. You need something real and sustainable, not pie-in-the-sky magic.

Change Oriented Therapy for Weight Loss

You will not lose weight if you keep doing the same thing. You need something different. You need to make changes that are in line with the result you are looking for.

Most clients I have worked with have tried lots of programs and have read lots of books. Motivation is not their problem. They have tons of motivation. They have already put lots of time and effort into losing weight. They already know how to lose weight.

What they often tell me is that their emotions and how they feel about themselves gets in the way. They get caught in an up and down pattern of weight loss and weight gain. They try really hard and then give up, because the pattern is too emotionally painful and they’re not really worth all the effort they’ve been making. They have chosen very complicated programs that suck time out of their life and there’s no time for enjoyment. It’s a form of punishment. Weight loss doesn’t have to be about deprivation. 

Once my clients change their mindset and really believe they deserve to be healthy and happy, they begin getting good results. They find foods they enjoy that help them meet their goals. It is so nice to see them start to bloom and live their life to the fullest. They find new and enjoyable ways to spend all the time they used to spend reading and attending programs. They lose weight while enjoying life. 

Depression, anxiety and self-loathing continue to decrease as they feel physically and mentally better from good nutrition. They find themselves craving healthy foods and losing the desire for foods they used to not be able to stop eating. Losing weight this way is realistic and uplifting. Feeling better both physically and mentally makes coping with life’s daily stressors easier. Once they have a happier lifestyle, they are content and never want to give it up. It becomes a part of who they are. They have made lasting change.

The vast majority of people can lose weight if they take the time and energy to work on it. Unfortunately, very few are actually able to keep the weight off. They didn’t make the necessary lifestyle changes. They didn’t focus on creating the life they want. They just focused on weight loss.

Weight loss doesn’t stand alone. It’s part of you. The changes you make in change oriented therapy are changes in who you are, how you see yourself and your health related values. They are lasting lifestyle changes and impact how you think about yourself and how you see the role of food in your life. Your motivation may wane over time, but your lifestyle and personal changes will stick with you. You deserve to have an enjoyable life where you can attend event after event without starving yourself for months before each one.

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