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Discrimination & Privilege

Discrimination & Privilege

I’ve been feeling sick to my stomach lately. I wonder what to say and what I can do to make a difference. Discrimination must stop! The old ways of thinking need to be challenged. I need to speak out about the rights of others and the oppression and fear that those with Black skin experience that can lead to trauma and PTSD. Remaining silent is to condone the behavior. I do not condone the behavior.

White privilege is a form of white supremacy. Both must end. These are the things that directly lead to ruining Black lives. I won’t be a part of that anymore, even by accident. And I won’t be quiet. We will end these things only by changing the way the white people act and think of ourselves and our society.

I live in a predominantly white community. We do have many people of color here. I know that they experience the same fear that is being described by others around the country who have Black skin. As white people, we need to listen to their fears and their past experiences those fears are based upon. If we listen, we will come closer to understanding their life experiences. I believe that it then becomes the job of white people to share these feelings and experiences as a reality. We have a responsibility to support the Black community in their fight for equality. We must stand with them and amplify their voices. We must be allies for social justice and act accordingly.

As white people, we will never really understand what Black people go through. We must keep making an effort. We must listen and learn and increase our awareness of white privilege. We need to recognize our own racism and discrimination and eliminate them as much as possible. We need to call out discrimination wherever and whenever we see it. We must educate children so that they will be able to see discrimination and know to speak out. Please talk to everyone you know, including your family and friends, about racial discrimination. Speak to as many people of color about this as possible. Listen. Learn. Believe their experience. It is real.

Keep this subject of discrimination in the forefront of your mind. If you don’t, you will start to slip into inaction. This is a deep seeded problem that has been in our country for generations and generations. We need a big change. It will require many people talking to many people and speaking up when someone says or does something discriminatory. Progress requires personal interactions. It might be uncomfortable for you, but nothing close to what our Black brothers and sisters live with every single day of their lives. We need to talk about this! When we call out discrimination, we create awareness. I have had experiences where a person didn’t even know they were being discriminatory. They were grateful to learn.

Please join me. Take on the responsibility of speaking up. Black lives matter, not in just life or death situations, but in their daily routines. They should never need to change their plans or take precautions based on reasonable fear because of the color of their skin. If you see or hear something discriminatory, say something. Awareness is powerful. Be part of the solution.


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  • Thank you very much Rachel you were able to articulate the same feelings that I have. I agree wholeheartedly with you that we must not keep silent otherwise we do condone the behavior. It’s way, way past time for this to end. All people regardless of race should be able to live with peace, joy, health, freedom, and prosperity in their lives.

  • Well said Rachelle. Thank you for articulating an important position that is too often left unsaid. It is only when we all speak out and keep taking positive actions that prejudices will have the possibility of ending or at least seriously declining. Not committing acts of discrimination is not sufficient. To my mind it is a major SIN OF OMISSION, not to proactively speak out for equity and fairness.

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