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Neurodiversity Affirmative Online Therapy / Online Counseling focuses on unique abilities, individual strengths and support.

Neurodiversity is a part of human diversity. You do not need to be fixed. Neurodiversity Affirmative Therapy focuses on unique abilities, individual strengths and support.

Neurodiversity Affirmative Therapy is fundamentally about being inclusive. I see neurologically-based conditions like autism and attention deficits as a natural part of human neurology. Using the term neurodiversity limits stigma and the view that something is “wrong” that needs to be “fixed.”

In truth, we all have different ways of processing information. These cognitive differences make us unique. Every brain works differently. Everyone has their own unique experience of the world.

Rather than force everyone into the same mold, affirming neurodiversity creates an environment of acceptance. Accepting differences allows us to be ourselves. When we begin therapy with that level of acceptance, therapy opens the door to self-acceptance and learning how to deal with personal issues in a way that is respectful. People commonly need support with self care, recognizing and communicating personal needs and figuring out how to be the best version of themself.
I support the neurodiverse community and their families. I educate and share information whenever possible. I believe that challenging exclusionary views and valuing diversity is important. Part of this is explaining ableist language and promoting inclusive alternatives. I intent to be part of transforming social norms. I promote changes in how we view thinking and behavior. I crave a shift to accepting and being genuinely curious about each other. I am working to help us reach a place where people listen more so that we better understand each other. With effort, exclusionary social norms will begin to dissolve and be replaced by norms which will be much more accepting of each person as a unique and valued individual.

No external framework exists of who you should be. You get to decide what works for you. We should celebrate neurological differences. Different ways of thinking and seeing the world add perspective and make life more interesting. Your unique qualities and skills come with unique differences. In our sessions, you will be in a safe environment to explore, learn and decide.

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