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Photo of a disconnected couple before they begin online couples counseling.

You can strengthen your relationship with online couples counseling.

Dealing with problems in your relationship can be challenging. Understanding what is happening when you are in the thick of things can be difficult. Worse yet, facing relationship problems alone can be daunting and feel futile. You recognize you need help. But you feel that obstacles are in the way — adding to the challenges you are already experiencing.

One major obstacle is navigating the logistics of getting started with counseling. Worrying about scheduling, who will watch the kids and how you will both be in the same place at the same time can increase the stress in your relationship and make it difficult to move forward and get help.

You can get the help you need with your intimate relationship online with teletherapy.

Perhaps surprisingly, the internet can make all of the difficulties of juggling life and working on your relationship easier.  I offer online counseling so you can work on your marriage or relationship from anywhere. Over the past four years, I have seen many couples address their issues online and work on their relationship together without worrying about obstacles that are associated with in person therapy.

Many benefits to online couples counseling exist. The ease of joining an online therapy session makes being consistent much easier. You can be anywhere with internet access to attend your appointment. You and your partner can even be in different locations. Many couples schedule online couples therapy during their lunch hour from their private office or in the parking lot at work in their car. You don't need childcare for online therapy, so you will not have the headache of finding a sitter. Syncing schedules and calculating travel time is no longer an obstacle. Some couples stay at work late and miss the traffic to use that time to work on their relationship. Either way, you will have no rushing or additional stress to get to my office. You can arrive online calm and ready to start.

You can do online marriage counseling in the comfort of your own home. Children can play or do homework while you work on communication to improve your relationship. Small interruptions from time to time are no problem. Babes in arms are welcome.

An additional benefit to online marriage therapy is privacy. When you meet with me online, no one in my waiting room will see you. If you live in a different part of California than me, you will not bump into me at the grocery store. Your life and your relationship are private. No one will inadvertently discover that you have been struggling. No one will learn that you are seeking support, unless you want them to know.

Online counseling sessions can help you strengthen your relationship. You can work on increasing your bond, deepening trust, and how to have productive discussions instead of arguments. Many couples come to online therapy for communication and to resolve disagreements. You can address complicated issues such as infidelity and co-parenting in online counseling sessions.

Working on your relationship is important. It will positively affect your other relationships, including those with your children and extended family. When you are happier in your relationship, you can connect with others better. Working on your marriage also can positively affect your personal mental health. When your relationship is running smoothly, issues like stress, anger, disappointment, depression and anxiety decrease. When you’re happy with your relationship and communicating well, your happiness spreads throughout your life.

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