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You can have the kind of marriage you want with the close connection you crave.

I’ve worked with couples all over California. While each partnership is unique, couples bring similar issues into therapy. 

The most common complaint I hear is about communication. The next most common complaint is that something specific to them isn’t working. Most couples have tried everything they can think of, including reading self help books. They still haven’t been able to make things work. This is common.

Finding a solution can be difficult when you’re in the thick of things. A professional, outside perspective can shine a light in different directions to help you explore possibilities.

If you see yourself and your partner in that situation and you live in California, I would be happy to help you make a shift. You can rekindle your relationship and communicate as partners. You can have the kind of marriage you saw for yourselves when you first became partners. You can have the connection you crave.

Together, we can stabilize your relationship and find solutions so you can live the life you want together. You can make lasting changes that are applicable to many different situations that present themselves throughout a lasting relationship. You will be able to deal with current struggles as well as develop a mindset that will serve you long term.

Couples I work with are often surprised at how some simple changes can quickly provide relief and reduce tension in their relationship. Many report feeling better and having increased hopefulness after just one session. This helps them stay on track and meet their goals. There are no guarantees of a quick fix, but feeling hopeful is the first step to a great relationship.

If the idea of meeting with a marriage counselor is new to you, here’s some more information: “Why Choose Marriage Counseling?” .

I offer all of my services online with a private, secure HIPAA compliant platform.

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